Refer a Friend

Help friends make FREE calls and earn additional cash!

Enjoying free calls!! Why not spread the word about our services with family and friends and earn £30 per person you refer.

Help your family and friends to make free international calls too.  You can refer as many people as you like. Let’s take an example, if you told 10 friends or family members who started to use our services, you would be paid £300 by ThePhoneCardSite as a introduction fee.

Simply pass on our access number 0870 494 0994 to your friends and family members. Most popular destinations include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria, however they can call 85 destinations worldwide. Explain to friends how to use the service. Note the landline telephone number your friends or family members will be calling from as you will need to enter it in the form below. Some terms at bottom of page.



1. There is no limited to how many friends you can refer. If you need to refer more than 5 persons, simply complete this form twice,

2. We use your friend’s landline number to check that they are using the service so please ensure that you enter it correctly,

3. When you introduce a friend and they make 1000 minutes of FREE calls, we will contact you to pay you £30 per friend,

4. The payment will be 30 days after your friend has reached 1000 minutes,

5. Ensure that you explain to friends how to use the service and to ensure they have a provider which allows free calls to 0870.